No one has more potential to influence a child’s relationship with God than a parent

As a parent, that statement may seem a little overwhelming.  We understand. But we don’t think you should have to feel alone with this responsibility. We want to help!

In addition to our Parent Cue that we send home with you each week in Kidz Community, we’re hoping that you will find here even more encouragement and other resources that can coach you along in your role. Our desire is to help you “Discuss & Model”.

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The Children and Families Ministry blog is moving to our new home at my.newcommunity.church! We will still provide great articles about marriage and parenting as well as info about Kidz Community, but at New Community’s new website my.newcommunity.church. The one place to get all the latest information and details about New Community Church.

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Why Speaking Well of Your Spouse Is So Important

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Author Michael Hyatt writes, “Early in our marriage, Gail and I attended a church led by a dynamic, thirty-something pastor. He was an extraordinary communicator. He was a wise and empathetic counselor. As a result, the church grew rapidly.

But as we got better acquainted with him and his wife, we started noticing a disturbing trend in the way they related to one another. They would often make disparaging remarks about the other in public.” Read the rest of Michael’s post here.

4 Christmas Priorities for Parents

4 Christmas Priorities

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There is a continual tug as a parent to be pulled away from the real focus of Christmas. The lights, the toys, the songs, the parties, the food, while all these things can be associated with Christmas, they’re not why we celebrate Christmas.  As a dad, I must relentlessly re-prioritize my family’s attention around the one thing that matters most about Christmas, the remembrance and celebration of our Savior’s birth. Read more of JT Waresak’s thoughts here.

Kidz Community Focus for December

14DEC_Wrap Up in Generosity

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December is such a special month for families: traditions, the tree, the lights, the presents, the elf. Most importantly December is special because of the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Check out how Kidz Community is talking about Christmas over the next several weeks.

Preschool’s First Look Preview: Your preschooler will learn that Jesus is God’s son. Watch the video here. (If video does not display above, click here: http://vimeo.com/106853719 .)

Elementary’s 252 Preview discovers that you can get wrapped up in GENEROSITY. “Make someone’s day by giving something away.” Check it out here. (If video does not display above, http://vimeo.com/112073223