They are waiting

Every day, when our children wake up, they are waiting. But, they won’t appear anxious or impatient. There will be no toe-tapping or pacing. They won’t give us any reminders that they are waiting. In fact, they probably won’t even recognize consciously that they are indeed waiting.

But each and every day, they are waiting… They are waiting for us as parents to lead them spiritually.

It’s almost as if God desires to give parents a heads up that this will be the case. It’s as if He’s saying “Don’t overlook this. Get ready, because your children will be waiting. Take the initiative.”

For many parents, we may say “That sounds good on paper, but I don’t really know practically how to lead my child spiritually.”  It may set you at ease to know that there are plenty of small/simple steps we can take to lead. In fact, here are some really great suggestions.  (Don’t skim past #1 in the list!)

Does this spark any ideas that you would add to this list?


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