Your modeling career


There is one thing I can almost guarantee: That I won’t be walking down a model runway anytime in my life.  At least not as someone people would want to take pictures of. I am not a model.

Although that is true in one sense, in another, I am one of the most important models in the world. This is true whether I want to acknowledge that or not.

As a parent, my daughters look to me as a model of behavior more than they look to just about anyone else. Their little cameras are going off constantly, and they catch all the good and the bad.

For good and for bad, they are also pretty good imitators. At times, I find myself wondering “Is what I am modeling right now worthy of my kids imitating?”

So what are some good behaviors to model? Here is a list of 5 that are great candidates for consideration. (The book listed at the end would be great for dads wanting to dig deeper into this topic.)

Leave a comment and let us know what you would add to the list.



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