Hey Preschool Parents

The Bottom Line that we’ll be focusing on with our preschoolers for the month of August is: “God is always with me”.

With the trials of life that will come, this is a truth that is so important for preschoolers to learn early. How do you get your preschooler to not only know this, but for it to also impact their lives?  Check out this video for some great tips.

(Click here if the video does not display above.)


1 thought on “Always?!

  1. I Love teaching the 3-5’s in the class every week. Last week we had an amazing time talking about Moses as a baby and how God was with him, even as his mother placed him in a basket and put him in the grass by the river. And how awesome it was that God was with him and when He placed him in the path of the princess over Egypt. God had an amazing plan for Moses, and God has an amazing plan for your child. God IS ALWAYS with them!

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