They don’t matter

What are the things in life your that matter most to you?

We can all probably rattle off a list of those things pretty quickly. You might include things such as: your faith, family, friends, or french fries. (Sorry. I got carried away with words that start with the letter ‘F’.)

But have you ever created a list of things in your life that do not matter as much to you in the grand scheme of things?  Your list would include those unavoidable, have-to-do kinds of things like maybe yard work, or laundry, or maybe even a job. In a moment of painful honesty with ourselves, our list might also include things like our favorite football team’s performance last weekend or that must-see TV series we get so caught up in.

What if we laid our “matters” list next to our “doesn’t matter” list and at the bottom of each list, we put the total amount of time we spend in a week on the things in that particular list. How do the two times compare?

I’m going to guess that, for many of us, the time spent on our “doesn’t matter” list is higher than we’d like when compared to the time spent on our “matters” list.

If so, are there some things you could identity on your “doesn’t matter” list that you could spend less time on so you’d have more time for the things on your “matters” list? Maybe that means letting your yard go just a little. Maybe that means that the standard of cleanliness for your house is relaxed some.  Or that TV show could be saved for when everyone has gone to bed.

If this is you, leave a comment sharing something from your “doesn’t matter” list that you might could let go a little to make more time for the things on your “matters” list. I’ll go first: The amount of time I spend on my phone in the evenings when my family is around.


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