A free book

The statistics are troubling. A large percentage of graduating seniors end up struggling deeply with their faith in college. Unfortunately, the things churches often try, in an attempt to combat this, fall into the category of “too little, too late”.

The effort to develop a faith that sticks within our children begins now, and it involves the church and parents partnering together.

The Fuller Youth Institute has conducted an extensive study of this trend, and has published a book called Sticky Faith, that contains a lot of practical ideas on developing a faith that sticks.  The book, along with other great resources, can be found at stickyfaith.org.

We think this book is so valuable that we want to give away 5 electronic copies of it. These e-versions can be read in either the Kindle or Nook e-readers (or their corresponding apps on your smart phone).

The first 5 people to leave a comment on this post will win a free copy. All you need to do is answer this question in your comment: “What was valuable to you, or would have been valuable to you, as a teenager in building a lasting faith?


4 thoughts on “A free book

  1. What would have been valuable? Having parents that shared the same faith as I did! I was the only believer in my family when I went off to college, and a fairly new believer, at that. It was very difficult for me that my parents didn’t understand the extreme life change that was occurring inside of me.

    What DID help me tremendously when I did begin my freshman year, my pastor and his wife called me on a regular basis, they sent me CD’s of messages from the church, cards and care packages from my church family…..AND on my very first Sunday morning in college, my pastor had pre arranged transportation to and from the church near my school. My church family knew that I was still fresh in my faith, and if I was going to slip in my faith, they weren’t going to let me slide too far.

  2. I often wish my parents had invited God into our home, had discussions about Him, making Him real to us five kids, and our friends. I knew my family was “Christian”, but I had no idea what that truly meant. I am grateful I had loving church friends, youth group leaders and families who reached out to me along the way. Now, as a mother, I definitely appreciate having God’s presence in our home…I could not live this crazy life without Him.

  3. Both my parents encouraged my faith, even when theirs was weak. This kept me going throughout my life and made me comfortable to return to God even when I did stray.

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