with vs. for

I was reading through some parenting research earlier this week, and was reminded of the importance of the amount of time we spend with our kids. That chance to connect and build memories with them is priceless.

This idea was reinforced again for me last night after seeing how my daughters joyously responded to something as simple as an impromptu family dance party complete with two disco balls. (If I’m honest, you can’t really call what I was doing “dancing”… more like “jiggling”.) That was followed by a family drum lesson. The smiles on their faces said it all… they enjoyed the time we spent with each other.

We live in a culture where there is plenty to do for our family. There is no end to the list of extra-curricular activities that we can enroll our kids in. There are opportunities for promotions at work that can result in a bigger financial cushion for our family, but ultimately often mean more time away.

But doing something for our family isn’t necessarily the same as doing something with our family.  This is a great article that highlights the difference between doing “for” and doing “with”.  As the article points out, doing more “with” our family may result in doing more “for” our family.

What are some simple ways you can sneak in spending more time “with” your family this week?

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