Who should you not go to?

If your marriage is like everyone else’s, then chances are, your marriage is not always blissful. There are times when the blissful turns into the less-blissful, when bumps in the road show up. Irritations turn into disagreements, which turn into arguments. Often times these bumps in the road are small and are overcome with a good night’s sleep.

But what do you do when the bumps in the road are bigger, and last longer? Or what do you do when those small bumps just don’t seem to stop coming?

As the frustration mounts, we usually turn to someone outside of the relationship for some advice or maybe to simply dump on.  Maybe it is a friend at work, a buddy at the gym, a mentor, or a family member.

While wisdom and a fresh perspective from an outsider can be helpful, choosing the right person to seek this out from is vital.  By choosing the wrong person, we can end up making the situation even worse.

So who should we go to for that advice or listening ear? Here is a great article that flips that question around; it points out the people we should not go to. Some of them may actually surprise you.

Check out this article, knowing that in these difficult spots in our marriages, who we choose to let pour into us can have a large impact on the results.



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