Do you remember the pictures you had in your mind, before your children were born, of how you imagined your children would turn out? Maybe there was sports equipment included in your mental pictures of the future. Or maybe the pictures were of your child embracing a musical instrument, or a paint brush.

Then they are born.

Everything was painted pink and pink dresses were purchased in preparation for them, but it turned out that you should have instead gone with blue. As the months go by, you start seeing glimpses of their personality, and you scratch your head in confusion saying, “Where did they get that from?” As the birthdays inch by, you slowly begin to realize that your “before pictures” aren’t matching up with the real pictures of your children. Maybe they show an aptitude for sports, which is strange because you were never a sports person. Or they show an aptitude for playing musical instruments, but you couldn’t tell the difference between a violin and a viola.

What do you do? How do you respond? Do you attempt (maybe even subconsciously) to guide them toward those “before pictures” that were comfortable and familiar?

Your response, good or bad, will make a major impact on your child. You know this is true, because you have experienced this with your own parents.

Read this great article about one parent’s response to the mismatch in the pictures they had of their child, and the difference it made in the life of that child.


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