Art projects and more

When you pick up your child each week from Kidz Community, you usually receive their magnificent art project they created in their room. In addition to their project, you are also handed something else that is very important. Each week we send home a fantastic resource called the…

 Parent Cue!

This is a great way to discover what your child learned that morning. Even more importantly, it helps you continue this conversation with them throughout the week.

The Parent Cue is specifically designed to be used within the normal rhythm of your family when you are already together: like meal times and bed times.

If you haven’t done so yet, be sure to check out this invaluable resource!

Here are the Parent Cues that were sent home last Sunday. (Click on the images to view the full-size version.)

For our newborns (distributed monthly)


For our 1-2 year olds (distributed monthly)


For our 3-5 year olds (distributed weekly)


For our elementary students (distributed weekly)



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