Kidz Community leader spotlight – Lynn Merritt


Introducing Lynn Merritt!!

The back of the priceless Lynn Merritt trading card reads:

Current Kidz Community role: Lynn is one of the Nursery Workers for the 11 am service.  This means she gets to snuggle every Sunday in the newborn room with the youngest New Community Church attendees!

How long she’s served in Kidz Community: 8 months (but she has lots more field training as a mom).

Age: You are not supposed to ask a lady her age!

Lightning Round:

  • Where is the farthest you’ve traveled to? Farthest I have traveled is California in the US and Isla Mujeres, Mexico out of the states.
  • Your favorite amusement park ride? My favorite amusement park ride is standing watching other people ride them.
  • Assuming you have no experience in either, would you rather shoot a dangerous rapid alone in a kayak -OR- repel down a 2,000 foot rock face? Since obviously I didn’t say roller coaster, I definitely would not repel down a 2,000 ft rock face or shoot a dangerous rapid alone in a kayak.

We’re so thankful for Lynn’s heart for Kidz Community. Please be sure to give her a big “Thank You!” when you see her.


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