Two ships


*Photo Credit: augieray (Creative Commons)

Have you and your spouse felt like two ships passing in the night lately? Has life been so busy, that there has been little time to connect as a couple? Maybe you’ve been communicating, but it has been over details like who is going to pick up the kids, or what needs to be added to the grocery list.

If so, then here is a great idea to consider.

Check out this list of great discussion questions. Plan ahead: pick just one of the questions to discuss and then pick a night of the week.  When that night rolls around, spend a few minutes before you turn the lights out to talk through that question.

Then you may want to rinse and repeat. Plan ahead, picking another question and another night in the following week.  This can go a long way toward keeping you connected in those busy seasons.

(Men, if you initiate this, you might be amazed at what a little conversation with your wife may spark.)


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