Kidz Community leader spotlight – Jenny Wilson


Introducing…[insert drum roll] Jenny Wilson!!

Current Kidz Community role: Jenny is the Group Leader for our 3-5 year old room for the 9:15 service.  This means she has the privilege of communicating God’s truth in fun and exciting ways.

How long she’s been serving in Kidz Community: She has been faithfully serving our families in Kidz Community for over a year now. Her husband, Eben, can sometimes be found serving in the tech booth in our main auditorium. Jenny stays busy homeschooling their three wonderful daughters: Izzy, Gabby, and Elise.

Lightning round:

  • What is the latest kid’s movie you’ve watched? Our family knows more about “My Little Pony” than is probably healthy. I have sat down and watched enough back to back episodes to become a resident expert on the show. I’m not ashamed to admit that I enjoy the show. Can that count as a kid’s movie?
  • Where is your dream vacation destination if money were no object? Israel. I have always dreamed of walking where Jesus walked, seeing first hand some of the things that Jesus saw. It’s on my bucket list (and has been for many years!) to ride a camel in Israel. I was all paid up to go on a trip there 12 years ago…and then found out that I was pregnant with my first child.
  • Would you rather share the entire interior of your home with a 1,500 pound dairy cow OR with 2 free roaming sea gulls? Hands down, the cow. Sea gulls sound way too much like my children when they are fighting. “Mine! Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine mine mine!” And a cow, at least they are earning their keep by providing something that my kids drink by the gallon anyway.

Here is what Jenny says she loves most about being a part of the Kidz Community team: “The part where God (and the parents) has trusted me enough to be a part of His big picture. Why are any of us here on this earth? It’s simply to learn to love God and to get to know Him better. Not only do I get to do this with some of the most amazing kids on the planet, it’s my opportunity every week to use the talents He has provided. How many people can say that acting like a 5 year old is a God Given Talent?!?!?!?

We love Jenny, and we know you will too!!


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