Choosing to cheat


For the next few months, we’ll be periodically posting wisdom from an incredibly helpful book: Choosing to Cheat: Who wins when family and work collide? by Andy Stanley. We highly encourage you to get a copy of this short and easy read for yourself, and follow along with us!

The book is about finding a balance between work and family. If you ever wonder how you can be successful without sacrificing your relationships with those closest to you, then this book is for you (or someone close to you).

Quotations and thoughts from the Introduction:

  • You are a cheater. Daily you make decisions to give up one thing in order to gain something else. This is especially true within the arena of your schedule.
  • To give all your responsibilities and opportunities the time they demand or deserve would require more time than you have. So you cheat.
  • You allocate your time the best that you can, knowing all the while that somebody is going to feel cheated. Unfortunately, that “somebody” is usually someone we care a great deal about.
  • Regardless of which side of the equation you are on, you know what it is like to deal with the endless cycle of guilt, anger, jealousy, and rejection. Whether you are the one trying to get home or the partner left waiting at home, the feelings are pretty much the same.
  • But there is a solution (and it involves cheating).

Can’t wait to find out the rest, or want more details? Then be sure to get a copy of the book. (A newer revision can be found here.) This could have significant impact on your relationships!

Leave a comment: Has anyone close to you ever commented on your schedule/pace of life?


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