Another giveaway!


For the next few months, we’ll be periodically posting some great wisdom from the book Choosing to Cheat: Who wins when family and work collide?

We’re so excited about this, because we believe it has the potential to change your relationships! Healthy relationships are so important to “Model” faith for your kids. You can catch the first installment of this series here.

We want to giveaway a copy of this fantastic book!

Want to win?! All you have to do is leave a comment answering this question:
What consumes the majority of your day?
Maybe you work at a bank, on the base, or at a store. Or maybe the majority of your day is spent loving the little ones in your home.

We’ll randomly select the winner July 1. Be sure to leave a comment. I believe you’ll want this book for yourself!


3 thoughts on “Another giveaway!

  1. I spend a few hours with my dear girls, a few hours at a job I love, and sometimes even an hour or two for me to read and relax.

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