Kidz Community leader spotlight – Buffy Reed


Introducing Buffy Reed!

Current Kidz Community role: Elementary Group Helper. Which means she gets to invest in the future leaders that walk through our doors every Sunday.

How long she’s been serving in Kidz Community: Buffy has been serving for over a year now. She has a husband and two great girls that support her well.

How she pays the bills: She works part-time as the Editorial Administrative Assistant at The Daily Advance newspaper.

Lightning round:

  • What hobby you’d like to be able to spend more time in? Scrapbooking! I enjoyed a great scrapbooking weekend with my Mom in Arizona in March and would love to find a local scrapbooking group here… anyone interested??
  • What has been your favorite pet? My best pet was a tabby cat named Lovey (hey, I was 11 years old!) She lived for 18 years and was my best buddy through those tough teen years.
  • Would you rather have a band of mariachi singers follow you everywhere or have one determined bagpipe player follow you everywhere? Why? Have to go with mariachi because that music would be more fun to dance to! The big problem is I would probably crave Mexican food all the time. haha

Here is what Buffy says she loves about being a part of the Kidz Community team:

“Obviously, the kids make it an amazing experience! But, my fellow team leaders are just plain awesome people to be around and teach alongside! Isn’t God great?!”

Buffy is super special to us. We’re so glad she’s on the team!


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