Kidz Community leader spotlight – Kelly Dunn

kellydunnDrum roll please… introducing Kelly Dunn!

Current Kidz Community role: Group Leader for 3-5 year old room for the 9:15 service. She has the incredible opportunity to pour the Gospel into these young hearts.

How long she’s been serving in Kidz Community: Kelly has been plugged in for an amazing 5 months!

How she pays the bills: Her day job is USCG Aviation Maintenance Technician on H-60 helicopters.  Then she goes home to her husband, Steve, and four awesome sons.

Lightening round:

  • Where is the furthest you have traveled to? Furthest I’ve traveled was my sophomore year of college at Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia)
  • Ice cream or frozen yogurt? Frozen Custard is better than both ice cream and frozen yogurt.
  • If you had a pet giraffe, what would you name him? Hermie.

Kelly says that the best thing about being a part of the Kidz Community team is:

“Witnessing childlike faith over and over again”

We’re so glad to have Kelly on the team!!


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