Choosing to cheat – part 7


Periodically, we have been posting wisdom from an incredibly helpful book: Choosing to Cheat: Who wins when family and work collide? by Andy Stanley. (Click here for the last post in this series.) We highly encourage you to get a copy of this short and easy read!

If you ever wonder how you can be successful at work without sacrificing your relationships with those closest to you, then this book is for you (or someone close to you).

Quotations from Chapter 6:

  • The Old Testament prophet Daniel was demanded to do something that he couldn’t go along with (Daniel 1:3-5). He had trouble eating the king’s food, feeling it constituted a clear violation of his loyalty to God.
  • Daniel’s situation is like ours. There were two parties (the king and God) who wanted something from Daniel, and he couldn’t satisfy the demands of both.
  • Daniel’s loyalty was tested by what he ate. Ours is tested by what we put on our calendars. Where you spend your time is an indication of where your loyalties lie.
  • Before Daniel knew the outcome of his decision, before he understood how he would address the issue with his supervisors, he made up his mind. We’ve got to do the same. We’ve first got to decide to quit cheating at home before we know how we are going to pull it off.
  • Once Daniel’s mind was made up, he came up with a plan. Daniel came up with a test (Dan 1:9-14), but he didn’t agree to compromise his convictions if the outcome of the test didn’t suit those in charge. Once we make up our mind, we need to come up with an exit strategy from our current schedule. And like Daniel, set up a trial.

The remaining posts in the series will talk about these steps in detail. Can’t wait to find out the rest, or want more details? Then be sure to get a copy of the book.


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