Choosing to cheat – part 10


For the last several months, we have been posting wisdom from an incredibly helpful book: Choosing to Cheat: Who wins when family and work collide? by Andy Stanley. (Click here for the previous post in this series.) This is the last post as we wrap up this series.

If you ever wonder how you can be successful at work without sacrificing your relationships with those closest to you, then this book is for you (or someone close to you).

Quotations from Chapter 9:

  • Maybe your boss doesn’t see eye to eye with you when it comes to prioritizing business and family. Maybe your boss won’t be open to your suggestion of an alternate schedule.
  • If your boss doesn’t accept your proposed alternate schedule, then maybe you need to begin looking for another opportunity that supports rather than competes with what you envision for your family.
  • Your willingness to leave may be a defining moment in terms of what happens to your family.
  • God honors those who place their faith in Him (Matthew 6:33). Order your world around your Heavenly Father’s priorities and then trust Him to fill the gaps created by your faithfulness.
  • Instead of asking God to stand watch over your family while you give to your career what belongs at home, turn the prayer around. Go home, seek Him first, and ask Him to bless things at work.
  • Why give your ultimate loyalty to an organization where your value is conditional upon your ability to perform? Why betray those whose loyalty is unconditional?

Make up your mind. Develop a plan. Deliver it diplomatically. Be willing to walk. And then watch for God.

Who is looking to you to be someone that no one else can be?

These summaries don’t do the book justice. We highly recommend getting a copy of this book to read through!


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