Kidz Community leader spotlight – Meagan Stalter


Introducing Meagan Stalter! [insert regal horn blowing]

Current Kidz Community role: Meagan serves as the Group Leader in the 1-2 year old room for the 9:15 service each week.

How long she has served in Kidz Community: She’s been showing toddlers some love for 2 years.

What keeps her busy outside of church: Meagan is married to Kyle, and they have a really cute 1 year old named Arthur. She is a licensed clinical social worker at PORT Human Services where she does individual and group therapy.

Lightening round:

  • What was your worst chore you had to do growing up? My worst chore growing up was having to dump our “dump” bucket. We composted so it was all of our food waste in one bucket! Yuck!
  • What is your favorite food? My favorite food is popcorn… I could eat popcorn all day everyday, as long as I have a diet coke to go with it.
  • Would you rather get everywhere by crawling or have to stand on your hands when you are stationary? I think crawling…. I already crawl a lot chasing Arthur.

This is what Meagan said she loves most about being a part of the Kidz Community team:

“I love being in the same room every week and seeing my little munchkins growing up and learning new things. But I think I mostly love talking to the parents before and after service about their kids and making connections.”

Thanks for being an awesome Group Leader Meagan!


1 thought on “Kidz Community leader spotlight – Meagan Stalter

  1. We love Meagan! When we drop our boy off screaming, somehow, we don’t have to return until the end of service=) must be the secret popcorn and diet coke 😉

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