Leader spotlight – Eric Lowe


How long he has served at New Community: Over 3 years.

What keeps him busy outside of church: His favorite time of the day is when he leaves work and gets home so he can spend time with his family. His evenings and weekends are spent figuring out how to be a better husband and father.

Lightening round:

  • What was your worst food experience? It would have to have been when I ate deviled eggs at a family reunion when I was a teenager. They were truly “deviled” (aka “of the devil”) because after eating them, a toilet and trash can were needed at the same time.
  • What is the first place listed on your bucket list? Anywhere where the sky is blue, the sun is hot, and the water is clear.
  • Would you rather have five bottles stuck on the fingers of one hand for a year, or a bucket stuck on your foot for a year? I’d take the bottles on one hand. It would be hard to sneak up on my daughters if I had a bucket stuck on one of my feet.

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