Kidz Community leader spotlight – Sheri Proctor


Here comes Sheri Proctor!

Current Kidz Community role: Sheri is the Group Leader in the 3-5 year old preschool room for the 11am service. This means she gets to fuel wonder for God’s truth each Sunday while also injecting energy and excitement.

How long she has served in Kidz Community: Sheri has been a part of this ministry for over 13 years! (That’s no typo.) Check out the star on her Kidz Community tshirt on Sunday. Her experience with children extends way beyond that.

What keeps her busy outside of church: She likes to spend time with her friends and family. Loves to read, cook, and quilt.

Lightening round:

  • What is your favorite month of the year and why? May is my favorite month. It is sunny, warm, and you can be outside all day long!!
  • Who is the most famous person you’ve met? The most famous person I have ever met is Disney animator, Michael Cedeno, an animator for Belle and Aladdin.
  • Would you rather not eat for three days or not sleep for three days? It would be safer for the world if I skipped food for three days. Not sleeping for three days would be VERY bad.  I get really cranky.

This is what Sheri loves most about being a part of the Kidz Community team:

“I love being a part of the ‘green’ team because they are a group of people who believe in the joy of sharing their faith with the next generation. And Ms. Le Ann always has candy.”

Sheri, thank you for being such a faithful member of the team!


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