Kidz Community Leader Spotlight – De McNulty

De McNulty landscapeOur latest Kidz Community leader spotlight falls on De McNulty!

Current Kidz Community role: De plays an incredibly important role on our team. As a Nursery Worker, she provides safe and loving care to the newborns and babies in Kidz Community.

How long she has served in Kidz Community: She has served a little over a year.

What keeps her busy outside of church: De is a wife, step-mother and stays very busy caring for her family. She loves to volunteer at JAM (Just Among Moms), taking care of children in the nursery.

Lightening round:

  • How many states have you visited? My dad was in the U. S. Army for over 30 years, so we moved around A LOT. I’ve visited about 11 states.
  • What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Anything chocolate!
  • Is there something we may not know about you? I am twin. Lee Ann Hinton is my other half.

Here is what De said she loves most about being a part of the Kidz Community team:

“I believe in our mission statement so much: “Partnering with families to propel kids faith.” That’s what it’s all about! Showing and teaching God’s love. What a wonderful journey we are all on with God by our side. I feel so blessed to be a part of the Kidz Community Teams’ mission. To receive the unconditional love that the kids show me is priceless and very rewarding.”

De brings a lot of energy and warmth to the team!


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