4 Ways to Radically Impact Your Home in the New Year

Family Banner Dec 2014

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If you want to change your family, the world, do it side-by-side. It doesn’t have to cost a dime or even that much time. It’s about getting back to the basics and getting back together. Read the rest of Kristen Welch’s blog here.


The One Goal Your Family Needs This Year


Whatever our hopes for our family this year, there is one goal we should pursue that outshines all other goals. It’s the goal that we were made to pursue. It’s the goal that shapes our life and every other endeavor. And in pursuing this goal, we’ll find every other goal fall into place. (Read more here.)

4 Christmas Priorities for Parents

4 Christmas Priorities

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There is a continual tug as a parent to be pulled away from the real focus of Christmas. The lights, the toys, the songs, the parties, the food, while all these things can be associated with Christmas, they’re not why we celebrate Christmas.  As a dad, I must relentlessly re-prioritize my family’s attention around the one thing that matters most about Christmas, the remembrance and celebration of our Savior’s birth. Read more of JT Waresak’s thoughts here.

Opposite of Gratitude

Boy with praying hands

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 “The emotion of feeling grateful doesn’t happen naturally. It is a result of the deliberate choice of demonstrating gratitude.” In other words, you don’t show gratitude because you feel grateful, you feel grateful because you show gratitude. This post from Reggie Joiner explains three attitudes that are the opposite of gratitude. Read here.