Leader Spotlight – Judy King

Judy KingThis Leader Spotlight is a long time coming. Judy King has been a key member of Kidz Community for over two decades.

Current Kidz Community Role: Judy is the Kidz Community Preschool Director

How long she has served in Kidz Community:  Judy has worked with Kidz Community for over 20 years!

What keeps her busy outside of church: Although retired as a registered nurse, she is busier than ever. As well as an officer with the Elizabeth City Elks Club, Judy also has a small business making doggie treats, scarves and blankets that she sell at the Farmers Market during the summer.

Lightening round:

  • What’s your favorite family tradition? One of my favorite family traditions is baking Christmas cookies from my mother’s recipes. My two favorites are Gingerbread Cookies and Butter Cookies.  It isn’t Christmas without these two. Another favorite tradition is placing baby Jesus in his manger. When I set up my manger set, Baby Jesus is safely tucked away until Christmas day. Then before any gifts are opened, one of my girls places Him in the manger. (I just don’t put him somewhere without telling my husband, David or my daughter, Nancy where he is.  He could be lost forever if the old memory fails!)
  • What is your favorite family vacation? I have loved our two trips to Europe. First with David, and then last year with David and Nancy. However, I think my favorite vacations were the times my adoptive parents, brother and I went camping in Yosemite, Yellowstone and Grand Tetons parks when I was a teenager. I loved the campfires, being out in nature and seeing the amazing things God created and just being together.
  • What is the best gift you have been given? The best gift I ever received was a grandfather clock I gave myself. It was in honor of my adoptive mother that died in 1981. I love these kinds of clocks and I knew she did too. This clock has traveled with me through two moves in Pennsylvania and three in North Carolina. Another favorite gift was a surprise trip to Europe for my birthday by David and the girls. It was David’s and my first trip abroad seeing amazing places like Vienna, Prague and Scotland. They were all very good at keeping a secret!

Here is what Judy said she loves most about being a part of the Kidz Community team:

“One of the things I love about being apart of Kidz Community is to see how the kids grow from newborn up through the youth and at the same time growing in their knowledge, love and understanding of God and then accepting him as their savior. It is also a wonderful thing to see them come back into our family serving in some capacity as an adult, such as my daughter, Nancy, or while in Jr. or Sr. high.

I also love our team. They are caring, nurturing people who have a passion for our kids to see their faith grow as they learn about our God. I love being apart of that!”

Judy, thank you so much for your dedication, love and decades of teaching our little ones.


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